Have you thought of everything?

Stocks ( loose items in closable plastic cans ) pantry equipmentother
sugarpot clothtablecloth, paper napkins
flouregg spikefabric bags for shopping or collecting dirty laundry
instant cocoavegetable peelerthermo-shopping bag
coffeeone small and one large chef's knife with a sturdy sheathtoilet paper*
Instant brothMix-Fix (plastic shaker container)small piece of hotel soap* in plastic box
Saltgarlic pressSwiss pocket knife (you never know...)
Peppercoffee filter (size 4)binocular
Paprikakitchen towels (roll)garbage bag (rather too big than too small)
Grill spiceThermal sleeves for wine bottles and beverage cansAnti-mosquito candle and tea lights
freeze-dried herb mixturealuminium foil, transparent foil, ice cube bag, freezer bagrubber luggage belt as a makeshift washing line, clothes pegs, jam jar with washing powder
currygrill lighter, cobb-boat grill, barbecue tongssmall bag with rome cards, yahtzee cubes and forms for sinking ships
mustardwashing brushmini sewing kit
ketchuppot cleanertin can with plaster
Olive oilmicrofibre dishcloth*, dishwashing liquid*anti-mosquito repellent
balsamic vinegarscouring agentiodine ointment
Tomato pasteTea towel*
Jam *If you have booked the exclusive equipment you do not need to bring these things.


Things you will already find on board are listed here, sorted by boat type.


Advanced Kormoran

Primus Kormoran

Sauna-Houseboats, Febomobil and Bunbos






Motor yachts

You don't feel like packing your bed linen? Or attaching the bicycles to the new car? No problem. With us you can order many extras on site.


You have a long journey or there is not enough space for groceries in your car? Here you can find some supermarkets and shops close to your starting port.

Here you will find important travel information for check-in.