Many of our boat types are built in-house in our shipyard from steel and seawater-resistant aluminum, which saves us a lot of follow-up costs for repairs etc. Damage or modifications are easily repaired by our staff. Boat service and refit projects for boat owners are also taken care of. Some of our boats are made of GRP; these are lightweight, impact resistant and also dimensionally stable. It also makes them UV and weather resistant, has high chemical resistance and damages can be easily repaired. In our own shipyard and workshop we carry out the maintenance of our boats ourselves. Because we always repair our boats ourselves and use mainly durable and high quality materials, they have a high value retention and a high resale value.



Our boat types are self-developed and adapted to a wide variety of needs, such as group size, accessibility and much more. The bow area is designed to be more streamlined and energy efficient. We therefore use environmentally friendly boat technology, so that there are fewer waves, our boats are so-called low-speed boats. This principle has a positive effect on the flora and fauna, as banks are spared and reed beds are preserved.
The boats are built in our shipyard in the harbor village Müritz, long transport routes are avoided.
The Febomobil type boats have seawater and ice resistant aluminum floats and can remain in the water during winter. The superstructure consists of light but stable aluminum frame construction. The outer skin made of GRP is weatherproof also against UV radiation and has a high chemical resistance. Damage to the GRP outer skin can be easily repaired. The insulation consists of water-repellent Styrofoam and cork to avoid cold bridges.
All boats built by Kuhnle Werft are low-maintenance and are characterized by low follow-up costs.




The large waste water tanks of our houseboats are designed in such a way that no waste water (shower water, rinse water, etc.) and especially no chemicals get into the lakes. Our boat types can store up to 1,500 liters of waste water. Guests are taught how to easily and independently empty the tanks when needed at a pump-out station at the marinas. In this way we ensure cleaner lakes, where everyone likes to swim, and we protect our nature, because it is the real luxury good.