• Sauna house boat expands fleet, built in Kuhnle shipyard
  • Hafendorf Müritz receives "Accessibility tested" label (Travel for all)
  • opening of the camping-car site "Reisemobil-Marina Müritz"
  • Installation of two charging stations for electric cars. Once again, we were pioneers: these are the first and currently only charging points between Waren (Müritz), Neustrelitz, Rheinsberg and Wittstock.
  • TOP training company 2021


  • starting a cooperation with Yachtcharter Römer
  • Completion of Marina Müritz Apartments
  • winter garden extension at Captain`s Inn (Container construction)
  • Kuhnle-Group is again honored by the Neubrandenburg IHK as a TOP training company 2020


  • Kuhnle-Group is again honored by the Neubrandenburg IHK as a TOP training company
  • New base at the "Mecklenburger Seenplatte" in Priepert



  • Kuhnle-Group is again honored by the Neubrandenburg IHK as a TOP training company
  • Febomobil 990 and 1180 are certified with the seal "Barrier-free tested - partially barrier-free for people with walking disabilities".
  • Marina Müritz Apartments: 2 of the 4 houses are completed in shell construction


  • Development of the Febomobil 720 Open
  • Opening of the Pirate´s Bar
  • Start of construction Marina Müritz Apartments


  • Construction of the Febombil 720 Cabin
  • from October new base in the Citymarina Berlin Rummelsburg for winter cruises


  • Opening of the house boat base Stettin
  • new Polish precinct Wielkopolska Ring with the base in Slesin
  • Construction of the first Febomobil 1180 in the Rechlin shipyard and subsequent chartering in Minimarina Granzow 
  • new internet presence with new layout


  • Opening of the houseboat bases Elbing (Poland) and Sneek (Netherlands)
  • new charter base Zehdenick is opened
  • The Febomobil 990 expands the fleet in Granzow (Minimarina Ferienpark Mirow), this is now being built in the shipyard in Rechlin


  • Opening of the houseboat bases Brandenburg/Havel on the Lower Havel as well as Mildenberg on the Upper Havel waterway (instead of Marienwerder).
  • Opening of the charter bases in Pontailler (Saône) and Hochfelden (Rhine-Marne Canal)
  • The Aquino 1190 is also rented out in France.
  • Febomobil 870 expands the fleet in Granzow (Minimarina Ferienpark Mirow).
  • The Haines 1190 is offered from/to Hafendorf Müritz.


  • Opening of the houseboat base Marienwerder (instead of Brandenburg-Plaue) in the WasserReich Havel-Oder.
  • The Aquino 1190 gets its own wifi hotspot with flat rate.
  • A refueling station for boats is being built in the Müritz harbor village.


  • From 2011 the Masurian region (Poland) can be navigated with all KUHNLE-TOURS boats without a license.
  • KUHNLE-TOURS celebrates 30th anniversary and two decades in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the third issue of FLUVIUS will be published already in January 2011
  • The first Aquino 1190 is built
  • July 2011: the fleet is supplemented by the Haines boat type


  • August 2010: Launch of the Kuhnle Group Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kuhnletours
  • August 2010: Completion of the beach bath in the harbor village Müritz, ceremonial opening by Minister Seidel
  • June 2010: more Dutch motor yachts join the fleet
  • May 2010: Bus stop of the Müritz National Park Bus is opened in the harbor village Müritz
  • April 2010: 10 years of charter certification in Germany - a great success for customers, companies and the federal states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg
  • April 2010: Opening of the new Sierck-les-Bains base in the Southern Wine Moselle region


  • October 2009: The magazine Segeln from the publishing house awards the sailing award for the second time, the Marina Müritz in the harbor village Müritz is nominated for the category "Germany's most beautiful inland marina".
  • June 2009: Customer magazine FLUVIUS appears for the first time
  • June 2009: Grant for the start of construction of the lido in the harbor village Müritz will be handed over on June 3, 2009.
  • June 2009: The first charter base in Poland (Masuria) is opened
  • April 2009: Opening of the houseboat base in Schwerin (instead of Parchim)
  • from spring 2009 the first dutch motor yacht belongs to our fleet


  • July 2008: The motorhome pitches in Niderviller are completed
  • February and March 2008: Radio sunshine live goes on tour in Germany with a Kormoran and broadcasts live from on board; tour ends Easter in Berlin
  • January 2008: Webcam Kapitänshäuser and Müritzplatz goes online


  • December 2007: The Kormoran to keep is handed over to the winner
  • September 2007: KUHNLE-TOURS raffles together with the brewery Lübzer a houseboat of the type Kormoran 940; a campaign that makes headlines beyond the borders of M-V
  • July 2007: Reservation moved from Stuttgart to Hafendorf Müritz
  • May 2007: KUHNLE-TOURS introduces the Service Guarantee
  • April 27, 2007, Brandenburg-Plaue: Opening of the first houseboat base on the Lower Havel.
  • April 2007: KUHNLE-TOURS uses a Kormoran 1500 for the first time in Alsace-Lorraine


  • December 14, 2006: Boat Escalupe is handed over to owner - the first bright red Kormoran is launched
  • September 2006: Big 25th anniversary spat with business partners and friends in the Müritz harbor village
  • July 2006: Harald Kuhnle celebrates not only company anniversary but also his 50th birthday. The commemorative publication 25 years KUHNLE-TOURS is published.
  • April 23, 2006: Completion of the 50th houseboat in the Kuhnle shipyard in Rechlin and christening of the ship in the Müritz harbor village.


  • December 1, 2005, Citymarina Stralsund: Award of four stars
  • August 11, 2005: Owner Patrick Join-Lambert takes over his Ninja - the 1st houseboat for a private owner
  • July 2005, Hafendorf Müritz: Inauguration of passenger jetty
  • April 17, 2005, ship christening: a Kormoran 1500 is christened St. Sebastianus in the harbor village of Müritz by Marlis Pape, Queen of the Land
  • 3. April 2005, ship christening: a Kormoran 1500 is christened in the city harbor Waren with the name Hanse Sail by the godmother Marita Meier-Koch
  • April 2005, France: Opening of the first houseboat base of a German charter company in Niderviller (Alsace-Lorraine)
  • 22. September 2005, Hafendorf Müritz: Award of four stars for the Marina Müritz


  • From August 2004: all sites are gradually equipped with wi-fi hotspots
  • April 2004: the XXS-Kormoran Müritz Sail is launched in the print shop - a handicraft sheet for young and young-at-heart skippers
  • April 2004, Citymarina Stralsund: Opening of the charter base and the extended pleasure boat harbor
  • April 17, 2004, ship christening: the first Kormoran 1500 is christened Queen Luise by godmother Tonje Haugland in the harbor village Müritz
  • April 15, 2004, ship christening: a Kormoran 1140 is christened by godmother Kirsten Kurbjuhn with the name Müritz Sail
  • April 14, 2004, Citymarina Stralsund: Topping-out ceremony of the harbor house
  • March 27, 2004: Harald Kuhnle takes over the patronage of the Schooner Brig Greif for the year 2004.
  • March 4, 2004: Award of a certificate for the Maritime Quality Management at the locations Marina Müritz (Hafendorf Müritz), Citymarina Stralsund, Minimarina Ferienpark Mirow (Kleinseenplatte), Boathouse Zeuthen and Jetty Parchim (at that time still Rundtörn Marina)
  • from January 2004, Hafendorf Müritz: start of third and fourth construction phase (Müritz tower with three commercial units, eight apartments, 2 semi-detached houses)


  • October 30, 2003, Citymarina Stralsund: Business registration houseboat base and marina
  • Autumn 2003, Hafendorf Müritz: Webcam goes online
  • October 1, 2003, Hafendorf Müritz: Demolition of the old tower building
  • Season 2003, Hafendorf Müritz: small boat rental is established at own pontoons


  • January 23, 2002, Hafendorf Müritz: Completion of the widening of the spur channel between Claassee and Müritz.
  • from January 1, 2002, Hafendorf Müritz: start of first construction phase


  • October 8, 2001 Hafendorf Müritz: first passenger ship is craned with the travel lift
  • September 20, 2001, Hafendorf Müritz: Delivery of the travel lift
  • January to April 2001, Hafendorf Müritz: Construction of the sheet pile wall, the trough and the loading road for the travel lift and the boat washing facility.
  • January to April 2001, Hafendorf Müritz: Construction of the development and roads


  • December 13, 2000, Hafendorf Müritz: Munitions salvage operation
  • 8. June 2000: first award of the Blue Flag for the Marina Müritz in the Baltic Sea resort Zingst
  • 1. May 2000: Relocation of the head office of KUHNLE-TOURS GmbH from Stuttgart to the harbor village Müritz
  • April 1, 2000: Introduction of the charter certificate (freedom from driving license) on parts of the Mecklenburg and Märkische waters
  • from January 2000 Hafendorf Müritz: First houseboat charter base of KUHNLE-TOURS offers certified management system


  • December 1999, Hafendorf Müritz: Completion of the fourth jetty
  • October 28, 1999, Hafendorf Müritz: Application to widen the spur channel between Claassee and Müritz.
  • September 3, 1999: Hafendorf Müritz: First houseboat wedding (Harald Kuhnle and Dagmar Rockel-Kuhnle on board the vetus Silberkarpfen)
  • June 1999, Minimarina Ferienpark Mirow: business registration and opening
  • February 1, 1999, Hafendorf Müritz: Business registration of Kuhnle Werft GmbH


  • Müritz harbor village: step-by-step development, preparation of the B-Plan
  • new center of KUHNLE-TOURS activities is established in Rechlin, Expose for the Hafendorf Müritz (at first still under the name Hafendorf Claassee)
  • Rechlin: First application of industry standards in houseboat construction at the Kuhnle shipyard
  • 15 September 1998, Rechlin - a barge is recovered from the Claassee river
  • June 18, 1998, Rechlin - opening of the harbor bistro Captain's Inn in the harbor village Müritz
  • April 7, 1998, Kuhnle careers: Martina Ramm starts her apprenticeship in the shipyard
  • April 1998: KUHNLE-TOURS publishes the water hiking atlas, prototype of the later Quick Maritim Medien cruise planner.
  • April 1998, Rechlin: Opening of Bootsshop Claassee (now AWN-Marinashop Müritz)
  • April 1998, France: first chartering of the cormorant boats on the Saône (Franche-Comté)
  • 1. April 1998, Neukalen: Business registration houseboat base, Peene and Usedom is the first houseboat coastal area
  • March 31, 1998, Waren (Müritz): Trade deregistration
  • March 27, 1998 Ship christening: the first Kormoran 1140 is christened Kiebitz by the then Minister of Economics Jürgen Seidel and Mudder Schulten
  • March 15, 1998, Rechlin: First hot water heating on a houseboat, first double glazing on a houseboat
  • March 15, 1998, Rechlin: Delivery of the first boat built by Kuhnle Werft, the Kormoran 1140 Kiebitz
  • January 1, 1998: Burgwall becomes Mildenberg - business re-registration (until the end of 1999)


  • December 4, 1997, Rechlin: Start of construction of the planned sanitary building with gastronomy. Vacation apartments are set up on the upper floor.
  • Fall 1997: Internet - www.kuhnle-tours.de goes online
  • October 17, 1997: Rechlin - compulsory auction of the Rechlin shipyard site. Acquisition by Kuhnle Wassersportanlagen GmbH. Poor condition of the buildings, most of them destined for demolition.
  • in April 1997: France - first chartering of the Kormoran boats in Alsace-Lorraine


  • 1 May 1996: Rechlin - registration of the houseboat base, at the same time operation of the marina in Claassee


  • August 18, 1995: Rechlin - aerial view is created
  • KUHNLE-TOURS goes on roadshow tour through German shopping centers for several years with semi-trailer truck and houseboat
  • KUHNLE-TOURS sponsors the environmental exhibition 'Free Space for Nature
  • 14. April 1995: Parchim - business registration of the houseboat base


  • 15. April 1994: Zeuthen - business registration and opening of the houseboat base


  • July 4, 1993: Burgwall - ceremonial opening of the houseboat base
  • First talks with the municipality of Rechlin and the Treuhandanstalt Berlin about the settlement of KUHNLE-TOURS on the site of the Rechlin shipyard. Purchase offer is rejected by the Treuhandanstalt on October 4th.


  • April 27, 1991: Waren (Müritz) - opening of the first houseboat base in the new federal states, Harald Kuhnle gives the speech on a passenger ship
  • April 22, 1991: Waren (Müritz) - permission for four boats (Elde, Zwin, Welle and Boorne) and a floating dock in the harbor.


  • October 4, 1990: Waren (Müritz) - Harald Kuhnle asks for a trade license at the office
  • June 1990: Unsuccessful negotiations with the Rechlin shipyard on the construction of a new type of boat for the Mecklenburg Lake District.
  • May 1990: Harald Kuhnle visits the former Rechlin shipyard for the first time, which still had 1,100 employees
  • May 1990: KUHNLE-TOURS-Stuttgart organizes the first company outing to the East (near Eisenach) - today the Stuttgart team regularly goes boating together.
  • Spring 1990: Exploration of the possibilities in the Mecklenburg Lake District and in the Brandenburg waters
  • April 1990: Expedition with Eau Claire boats from Lagarde to Lutzelbourg (Alsace-Lorraine)


  • from January 1989: Fair - Marianne Bell offers KUHNLE-TOURS employees sleeping quarters during the Düsseldorf fair 'boot'.


  • from October 1988: KUHNLE-TOURS is also the German office of the charter company Sunsail
  • October 10, 1988: Office relocation to Nagelstraße, Stuttgart
  • 23-31 January 1988: Fair - first houseboat at the Düsseldorf 'boot' fair


  • December 5, 1984: Foundation of the company KUHNLE-TOURS GmbH, partners Harald and Helmuth Kuhnle
  • July 1, 1984: Office - move to Leuschnerstraße 55, Stuttgart
  • Publication of the first own boating vacation brochures for Holland and Ireland (see below brochure selection from the years 1984 and 1986 to 1993)


  • Press: first houseboat article 'Mit dem Hausboot durch's Elsass' in the Sonntag Aktuell
  • First agency for houseboat vacations in Alsace-Lorraine
  • Development of the first KUHNLE-TOURS logo, which was used until 1995
  • March 1, 1983: Kuhnle careers - first employee at KUHNLE-TOURS becomes trainee Babsi Labuhn (later Otto)


  • First agency for houseboat vacations in France (with brochures of partner companies)
  • First time exhibitor at the water sports fair "boot" in Düsseldorf

1980 und 1981

  • December 3, 1981: Press - Article about Atlantic crossing in the Esslinger newspaper
  • Office in the hallway of the shared apartment Johannesstraße 23, Stuttgart
  • Decision for the name KUHNLE-TOURS, first publication of a yacht charter brochure
  • First direct marketer of boating vacations (with brochures of partner companies)
  • October 1, 1981: Business registration in Stuttgart, small flyers for sailing and diving in the Caribbean
  • December 1980 to February 1981: Atlantic crossing with the schooner Bamphi