The container construction method we used for the extension of our "Captain's Inn" restaurant is sustainable and is therefore recommended time and again. Kuhnle Werft has gained valuable experience here in converting containers, which will be important in future projects. Two old halls of the Rechlin shipyard are not to be demolished, but preserved and expanded. An entire hotel is to be added to these halls in container construction. In contrast to other construction methods, the use of used shipping containers has a less harmful impact on the environment. Existing materials are reused, so fewer emissions are released. Another advantage is that the containers can be dismantled at the Kuhnle shipyard. Transports are saved, local jobs are secured.



[Translate to Englisch:] Ein altes Boot aus der Kuhnle Flotte wird in der Werft erneuert.


In order to further advance the company in the topic of sustainability, the next project is already on the horizon and is currently being taken in hand by the shipyard employees. Another boat of the KUHNLE-TOURS fleet will not just be thrown away, but refurbished. There will be a second Pirate 1200. This project also shows that our company thinks sustainably, because instead of buying the necessary materials for a new boat, we use our resources. In this project, the main focus is on GRP: glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The boat is largely made of GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic). This material is difficult to dispose of because it lasts for years, and if it does, it is only possible at great expense so that crushed GRP can be reused in cement production. For this reason we decided to give the houseboat a second chance. The boat is first gutted, the GRP shell is retained and then partially overlaminated. The gel-coat protects against the most feared marine disease - osmosis.