• Invest

    Febomobil auf der Müritz

    With our different investment models you can live out your passion for water sports.


    Future Project

    A container hotel/hostel, welcome center, and more are being planned for our tourist infrastructure.

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  • Boat Owner Program

    Become an owner with us and charter your houseboat or motor/sailing yacht.  

    fast and simple
  • Marina Müritz Apartments

    A smart and relaxed investment in the tourism market of the Mecklenburg Lake District.

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Invest in good concepts

Tourism has been growing faster than the global economy for years. All indicators continue to point to growth: people are getting older, staying fit, and have time and money to spend. Invest in vacation regions and concepts with growth potential - here, investments are also worthwhile because of a good price/performance ratio.


More Germans than ever are currently buying a piece of everlasting vacation. Almost everyone has dreamed of their own vacation paradise by the sea. Away from home - and yet at home. A real estate is considered as safe investment and a vacation house makes also still fun. Our boat owner program is just as safe:


You buy a boat, which you become the owner. And when it's not chartered, you enjoy carefree days on the water. This way you can be a yacht owner without burdening yourself with annoying tasks or incidental expenses. It's hard to be more comfortable sitting out a potential inflation, economic downturn or stock market trough. And in addition to a spectacular view of the (inland) sea or the most beautiful anchorages in Europe, you can expect a worthwhile return on your capital and an increase in the value of your vacation property. With our boat owner and real estate owner programs as well as the company participations you profit from the future development of tourism and the potential of our location "Hafendorf Müritz".

Marketing and service

Care and management

Make renting easy for yourself! As an investor, you don't have to spend time handing over keys to your late-arriving vacationers, changing light bulbs and fulfilling special requests. We do that for you. In the Hafendorf Müritz we have hospitable staff in service and administration and technically qualified employees of all trades on site, so that we can give your guests a nice welcome and solve the vast majority of problems quickly on site. After 38 years in tourism, we have developed effective workflows and well-structured process routines that make it easy for us to also manage your boat or apartment.



We already know your guests! Hardly any company in the boating industry has as much active marketing capital as the Kuhnle Group. In addition to our enormous base of water sports enthusiastic customers and prospects, we play on the relevant booking portals and social media channels and have a team with expertise in text, images, graphics and conception of marketing campaigns.



To fill a vacation property or a charter boat is not magic! We are available for your prospects: via web chat, WhatsApp, email, booking engine and of course on the phone. For us, your guest is not an object to be fed into a process, but a person looking for an individual vacation experience. The employees in the reservation center are at the same time advisor, vacation pilot, restaurant tip giver and special wish fulfiller by frequent district trainings, networking with subcontractors and large local knowledge.