Sustainability is also becoming increasingly prevalent in our buildings. The employees of Kuhnle Werft have already implemented the conversion of the lighting in the complete shipyard building. The fluorescent tubes (58 watts) were replaced by energy-saving LED tubes (19.5 watts). A total of 488 LED tubes have been installed in the shipyard hall alone; in addition, LED light fixtures have been installed in the workshops and in the office building (indoors and outdoors). LED is also already being used in the vacation apartments and the restaurant. The new fluorescent tubes in the shipyard hall have a longer service life (this has increased from 3,000 h to 20,000-50,000 h) and they provide more light (2,150 lumens instead of 860 lumens). Since the change, the power consumption has decreased many times. The installation of the 488 LED tubes in the shipyard hall alone saves about 19.5 tons of CO2 annually.