Directions to Hafendorf Müritz

You want to know the best way to get to Hafendorf Müritz?


Here we briefly introduce you to all travel options!



  • By car take the exit "Röbel" on the A19. From there, stay on the B198 direction "Neustrelitz" for approx. 25 km. Please note that there are permanently installed speed cameras in Dambeck and Vipperow.
  • After Vietzen turn left and follow the road until you reach the "GSE" site. Then turn off and drive straight ahead, before the "Bundeswehr" site turn right. Use the next possibility to turn left.
  • Then you will see the crane and to the left of it the Captain's Inn, where you have to check in.

Will you come here with your electric car? No problem! We have got four Wirelane charging stations for your car directly at the parking area.



With the Deutschen Bahn you can travel to Neustrelitz or Waren Müritz or Mirow. You can travel the rest of the way to Hafendorf Müritz by rental car, taxi, passenger boat or bus.



Timetables "passenger boats Weiße Flotte" Fahrplan Fahrgastschiffe Weiße Flotte


Bus connection direction Hafendorf Müritz Busverbindung Richtung Hafendorf Müritz



TIP: Buy the "Brandenburg-Berlin" train ticket for 29 € and travel with up to 5 people to Neustrelitz or Waren.

Long-Distance Bus

With the long-distance bus you can take most bus lines to Berlin or Hamburg. One exception is Flixbus, because they also have connections to Waren or Neustrelitz. From Neustrelitz, for example, it is only 35 km to Hafendorf Müritz.


  • Since 2018, Flixbus has been taking you from Berlin or Rostock to Neustrelitz or Waren (Müritz).
  • The rest of the way to Hafendorf Müritz can be covered by taxi or rental car.
  • FernbuseurolinesdatbusFlixbus


Book a shuttle from Rostock/Laage to Rechlin, see below

(transfer to Rechlin and back: 75,- EUR per person or with Eurotours for 60,- EUR per person)




  • Closest airport Rostock-Laage: from here you can take the airport transfer directly to Hafendorf Müritz or you can rent a car. You can also drive by train to Neustrelitz and then you have to take a taxi to Haendorf Müritz.
  • current connections: 

    • Munich - Rostock: daily, until 30.10.2021
    • Luxemburg - Rostock: saturday, until 25.09.2021

  • largest airport Berlin Brandenburg - from there you can rent a car to Hafendorf Müritz or you go by Train from Berlin to Neustrelitz, Waren (Müritz) or Mirow. After the train you can take the taxi, boat or ship to Hafendorf Müritz.


Flight plan from/to Munich from/to Rostock.


Or you can land in the Müritz-Airpark and cover the remaining kilometres by taxi.





  •     Taxi Heise (03 98 33) 26 72 6
  •     Taxi Moritz (03 98 33) 20 45 4
  •     Taxi Ewert (03 98 33) 22 04 3
  •     A. Bähler (03 98 33) 20 72 2




  •     Taxi-Call Neustrelitz (03 98 1) 22 22 2
  •     Taxi Holger Hank (03 98 1) 25 63 63
  •     Dieter Patynowski (03 98 1) 2 56 55 5




  •     Taxi-Central on the train station (03 99 1) 1 67 16 7

Night Train

With the night train you arrive well rested at your destination. The best connection is offered by ÖBB nightjet from Zurich to Berlin. Other possible routes are:


  • Zurich - Hamburg
  • Vienna - Hamburg (here you also have the opportunity to take your own vehicle with you)
  • Innsbruck - Hamburg
  • Vienna - Berlin
  • Zurich - Berlin

Airport Transfer from and to Rostock/Laage

contact: Rux-Reisen Rostock, telephone +49 381 37565942, E-Mail

You can read the General Terms and Conditions (AGB) of the transfer company on their website.

Or via Eurotours - bookable with us.

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