Press Release: January 2023

Kormoran 3.0

This houseboat is an example of sustainable boat building at its finest.


With the Kormoran 1290, a three-cabin boat which is available for charter or private use, the Kuhnle Group has introduced the most sustainable houseboat that has ever left the Kuhnle shipyard (based in Hafendorf Müritz). The shipyard was given the challenge of ensuring that energy efficiency, durability and environmental protection was included in this latest model of the Kormoran houseboat. The Kormoran Houseboat series, launched in 1992, has been shaping inland waters with its timeless, classic design for over 30 years. Initially the Kormorans were built in external shipyards, however, this was moved to the company‘s own shipyard in Hafendorf Müritz in 1997 to ensure quality and efficiency.
The most striking feature of the new, third-generation Kormoran are the four 110-watt photovoltaic solar panels installed on the saloon roof. They supply power to the pumps of the wastewater system, and also charge the powerful batteries to keep the rest of the on-board network energized. „One of the ways we define sustainable is by its useful life,“ says company boss Harald Kuhnle, adding that he is not aware of any Kormoran ever having been scrapped.
In the meantime the Kuhnle Shipyard has often refurbished the fleet of houseboats from its own
charter fleet. His experience: „Use good, durable materials; you can refurbish and reinstall them even if you completely gut them.“
BUT the sustainability does not sacrifice comfort: Power is also provided for the USB-C and USB-A sockets, no electronic device has been ignored. The recent designs include larger stairs in the interior and on, and a convenient staircase now leads from the swim platform to the spacious aft deck. Also new on the Kormoran 1290 are the electric toilets. Of course the boat still has a huge wastewater tank, which collects graywater from the shower and sink. Holding 1400 liters it is drained by pumpinig out in harbour to once again ensure its green credentials.
The Kormoran 1290 is available for the 2023 season (with and without a boating license) on the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg waters with Kuhnle-Tours.
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