Press Release: January 2023

Focus on Upcycling

Kuhnle Group further delivers on its sustainability promises.


The Kuhnle Group is further expanding its commitment to the sustainable use of resources. This applies not only to the shipyard but also to its charter operations and catering arm.
The focus is on upcycling – in this case the creative and innovative reuse of existing things. The Captains Inn (the port restaurant) has been given an extension using old shipping containers.
One of the yards other projects was the complete rebuild of a 30-year-old GRP houseboat: The old boat was completely gutted, and everything removed, all furniture, engines etc – the GRP hull and deck were then completely overhauled with the furniture and technology either refurbished or renewed and reinstalled. Under the type designation Pirate 1200, the boat is now back in charter and is especially suitable for younger groups.
The groups other focus is energy. The first (PV) solar panel system is already in operation on the roof of a sanitary building, and further PV systems are to be installed on the roofs of the shipyard buildings, and the existing charging station for e-cars (2 x 11 kW/h) will then be supplied with green electricity.

Some of the further measures are:
• retrofitting the houseboats with PV systems (started in 2021)
• replacement of neon tubes in the shipyard buildings with 488 LED tubes (19.5 t CO2 savings/year), completed 2021
• replacement of light sources with LEDs in all other buildings, on all boats, as well as on the jetty
• three combined heat and power plants, which generate electricity and heat at the same time(done in 2014)
• Solar panels and thermal facilities on houseboats for hot water and energy production (since 2014)

• since 1997: Production of hot water and heating from boat drives (installed in 1997)
• increasing the size of charter boat waste water tanks so they can be pumped out in harbour, saving the environment
• flow-optimized the hulls of the Kormoran and Aquino series to ensure energy-efficient sailing and low wave impact (bank protection) (started in 1991)
• boatbuilding designed for longevity (no boat of Kuhnle Werft has ever been scrapped!)


Detailed information on performance volumes and technical details can be found on the website under the menu item Sustainability.


Press contact:

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