Press release february 2018

Press release in Word format

Press release in Word format

Close to the water but far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – it is no secret that  holidays in the marina village on Lake Mueritz are wonderful. What is not obvious is that there are great properties for sale with realistic – non-inflated prices. The estate landlord Harald Kuhnle explains why the investment is still a bargain: „Our location is a great advantage both to us and the buyer’s.“ We are located directly between Germanys biggest lake (the Mueritz) and the well-protected Claassee with its full-service marina, the resort will ONLY have 20 Apartments. To tempt buyers we have included with their purchase a free marina berth for their first season AND on top of that the buyer gets access to a licence-free boat daycruiser to explore cover the Southern Mueritz waterways.

Construction on the first 2 blocks (5 apartments each) will commence in Spring 2018, with each apartment enjoying a fantastic view of the waterways from their balcony or terrace.

Novasol, the well known holiday home managing company will take care of the marketing and operations (should the buyer not be interested).

The Lake Mueritz marina village has significant potential, the conversion of this military property with its proximity to the south of Mueritz and its tourism ensures that the area will become a land and watersports hub, and this is only supported by the areas heritage prevalent in the aerotechnical museum and the Rechlin-Laerz airfield.
Apartment prices start at 146.000 Euro (excl. VAT when in commercial use). Further information or by phone +49 3 98 23 26 60.



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+49 (0) 3 98 23 2 66 0

Kuhnle-Tours GmbH

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