Press Release November 2018

New Holiday Apartments with Lake View at Müritz Marina.

KUHNLE-TOURS are known for their carefully designed houseboats for cruising through the Mecklenburg Lake District and the French canals, but their love of the area and giving people access has now extended to waterside property too.  Under the direction of Mr. Kuhnle and two other builders 20 new holiday apartments with spectacular lake views will be completed in the Hafendorf Müritz in 2019. The apartments are built on the last building plot available near to the water.

The Müritz Marina Apartments are located between Müritz and Claassee, where the Müritz Marina is located. It’s not possible to live any closer to the water without getting wet! Next to the Hafendorf Müritz the Müritz National Park begins where the water paradise of Mecklenburg Lake District awaits. 
The 20 apartments are split into 4 separate buildings to provide an aesthetically pleasing development and to provide holiday visitors with excellent privacy and much sought for views of the marina. Like our boats, the apartments have been carefully designed to maximise the space available. Apartment prices are competitive with prices starting from 2980 euros per square meter. If you are planning to use the apartment as a holiday let there is also the option to save on VAT.  


Press contact:
Dagmar Rockel-Kuhnle
+49 (0) 3 98 23 2 66 0
Kuhnle-Tours GmbH
Hafendorf Müritz
D- 17248 Rechlin



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