Boating doesn’t need to stop in the winter…

Whilst most of the republics water tourism has closed for winter, KUHNLE-TOURS has stayed open with winter cruises from Berlin City Marina. Explore the capital of Germany by boat and cruise to various attractions. It’s a great way of moving around the city – no travelling on the overcrowded underground or finding taxis.  There are few restrictions for houseboats in Berlin, during the winter.
Our website provides a comprehensive list of all the attractions and the nearby moorings. 
Our houseboats, the Kormoran and Febomobil, have been developed to be warm and comfortable through the winter with powerful heating. Our boats really do provide a home on the water. 

Prices from 153 euro per day per boat.

More information on or by phone/WhatsApp: +49 (0) 3 98 23 2 66 0


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Dagmar Rockel-Kuhnle
+49 (0) 3 98 23 2 66 0
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