Corona (Covid-19) information and actions at KUHNLE-GROUP

"We will be a reliable partner of our charter guests, berth customers and business partner" - Harald Kuhnle

"Boats are floating quarantine stations. You are on holiday in nature far away from crowds" - Harald Kuhnle


How prevents KUHNLE-TOURS an infection?

Still before corona, cleanliness and hygiene played an important role in our company. Nevertheless, wr elevated our standarts for cleaning even further. All boats are not only comprehensively cleaned - in addition, all surfasces, door handles and steering wheels are disinfected with alcohol.

We would like to recommend you to follow the advises of the Roboort-Koch-Institue. Hopefully, you can enjoy your holiday the fullest in that way.

  • take desinfectants with you (wipes, sprays, ...)
  • wash and desinfect hands frequently
  • aviod handshakings
  • follow the smear and cough etiquette

If, despite all these measures, a corona case will be discovered, a separate cleaning programme will be carried out in accourdance with the recommendations of the health authorities. The boat will be completly disinfected.


How do we protect our employees?

Up to now, there are no corona diseases known at our company. Should such a case occur, the competent authority will be informed immediately. The authority will ban activities under the infection protection act. certainly. We are closely observing the development of the situation and continously adapt our procedures. The sanitary standarts are strictly adhered and comply with the applicable regulations. That will be checked frequently. 

Washing hands and cleaning surfaces are common hygiene measures for us, which are effective even without corona. In addition, our employees are required to take preventive measures - such as coughing in the elbow, adherence to hand hygiene, the use of disposable wipes. Our employees have been busy preparing for the season and the associated work for two weeks. Until further nozice, there will be no business trips between Germany and France. 

Be sure, that the safety and health of our guests, employees and partners is our top priority.